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Five classic roller banner design mistakes you need to avoid

14 August 2017

A roller banner is a classic tool for exhibitions, networking and speaking engagements. Cost-effective, easy to carry and put up, they can be dramatic and draw the eye to what you are selling. Or they can be dreary, drab and unclear.

These are the top five mistakes we try to prevent our clients from making:

Poor Banner Design

Seriously consider using a professional graphics designer for any roll up banner, even just a desktop roller banner. You need great colours to make your banner stand out, without it being garish. You also need professional graphics and images so that they don’t look like a blurry dog’s dinner when they’re printed out to 2m tall.

Only Use Catchy Wording

Make sure you have a catchy headline and that the rest of the text is brief and pithy. A designer will know which fonts and typefaces will be easy to read at a distance and how many to use.

Prominent Logos

Make sure your logo is prominent in the top centre of your banner – unless the design can cope with it being to one side without looking odd. A roller banner is about instant impact, so you want your image to be imprinted quickly and indelibly in people’s minds.

Banner Proof Reading

It’s important to get someone to check your specification carefully. Ideally, it needs to be someone who wasn’t involved in the creation of the spec as they will see what they expect to see – a third party will have a more critical eye.

You’d be amazed at the number of banner specs we’ve had in where the client’s contact details are wrong, or even missing completely!

Include A Clear Call To Action

Finally, and most important, make sure it’s clear what you want people to do. Whether it’s to contact you, sign up for a newsletter, leave their business cards for a prize draw or anything else, make sure it’s crystal clear on the banner and easy to read from a distance.

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