Artwork set up

Artwork set up advice

All files should be JPEG or PDF, but we can accept TIFF, AI, and PSD

If you are making artwork in Microsoft office (Word, Power point ect), please convert it to PDF when saving. Anything sent over as a .DOX will be converted but may change the fonts and layout when doing so.

Please make sure that all files are sent in a flattened format.

All files should be sent in CMYK

Any artwork sent over in RGB will be converted as our printers use CMYK, this can result is colour and saturation changes when printing, Please note colours viewed on screen may not 100% match what is printed as computers/screens provide backlight.

No bleeds or crop marks

Our machines cut to size, if artwork is supplied with these, the art team will remove them.


Please send files to size ideally as a PDF at 150dpi or 300 dpi at half size.

The lower the DPI the worse the image(s) will look once printed, please note if artwork is supplied at a low quality or contains any pixilation the art team will be in contact to ask for a higher resolution version.

How to send your files

Please use our uploader anything over 200MB please email or WeTransfer over to if it will not upload to the website, please always quote your order number when emailing over any artwork.


Please ensure that all fonts are embedded into the file or our converted to curves, paths or outline, this will help prevent any fuzziness or unsmooth edges to the font.

Custom Shapes

When ordering custom shape please provide a line or indication of where you would like the shape to be cut, for simple shapes such as a circle please leave a note with the artwork. Please note small intricate cut out shapes will be cut out with a white boarder as our machines can’t go too small. We can not cut out small individual letters or custom shapevinyls.

Changing/updating artwork

If you spot an error in your artwork or would like to change it, please delete out your old artwork from the upload and upload the new, this needs to be done as soon as possible and 2 days prior to your delivery date if your file is noted as saved please contact the office via email or phone once done. If the order has already been printed, then the original file will be shipped.

Products with holes

Banners – Eyelets are placed 1.5cm -2cm in from the edges, please make sure there is enough room around the edge of the artwork to allow for this, so that it doesn’t disrupt or affect elements of your artwork.

Rigid media – Please make sure that when providing artwork for 4 holes in the corners (and 2 top holes) there is no artwork in the way. Holes are placed 1.5cm from the edge in the corners. For the lamppost holes (4 holes in the middle) the art team will place the holes in areas of no artwork and work them around any writing.

Luminous/ florescent colours

We can’t print luminous or florescent colours as we print in CMYK, however putting yellow, magenta and cyan at 100% can get the best results.


When printing large amounts or areas of black please set it to C40 M40 Y40 K100, to ensure there are no areas of graininess.

Creating artwork

We recommend using Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign for creating artwork. We understand that not everyone has access to this software and so for simple artwork we recommend Microsoft office, or PhotoPea (Online free version of Photoshop). For pixilated or blurry artwork, we recommend using the free website to reduce the pixilation (Please note this may not always fully work).

If you are really struggling to create artwork, we do offer a simple artwork service at an additional cost – simple artwork (mainly writing) £5+VAT per design and £10+VAT for more detailed artwork.