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Add branding to you car or van with magnetic signs

15 February 2018

Adding branding to a car or van in the form of magnetic signs makes sense for small business owners – their vehicle is likely to be seen by many eyes each day, so there really are few better ways of advertising ‘on the go’. Companies might also like to produce some to hand out as free giveaways to loyal customers, who in turn become brand ambassadors!

The great thing about magnetic car or van signs is that they can be removed as you require. You may only want your vehicle branded while you’re actually working, but not for example when you’re out with family and friends at a weekend. They’re durable, long lasting and are a cost effective vehicle branding solution. 

But what is the best way to go about branding your vehicle? Adding vehicle branding via magnetic signs can be easy, but there are still some considerations to bear in mind:

Invest in quality

You should endeavour to supply your vehicle signs manufacturer with designs which are high quality and full colour, otherwise, your sign won’t be! It makes sense if you think about it – drivers only have a matter of seconds to read the sign and retain the information when they pass your vehicle, so making the sign colourful, vibrant and memorable is essential.

Less is more

You can take note of the general principles of design, which steer away from using too many colours, and stick to two fonts – max! Don’t attempt to tell your brand story or give detailed information on a magnetic sign. Often, a simple website address, phone number, logo, social media handle or hashtag is all that is needed to grab attention and stay in the mind of the beholder.

Made to measure

Ensure that you know where your branded magnet is going on your vehicle and that you have space, particularly if the magnet is being ordered as large as possible. So check your sizes, and order your sign in a custom size to maximise the space available. 

Get high res

File size is all important to the quality of the design which you send with your order – aim for as high a resolution as possible because nobody wants to see a grainy logo!

So that’s our round-up of the key considerations when ordering vehicle magnets – they really can make a marketing impact, so make sure you get them right.

Essex Sign & Print

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