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Benefits of advertising using a budget A board

16 January 2018

An A board pavement sign is the perfect advertising solution for small businesses looking to attract passers-by without going to extreme and costly marketing lengths. Practical and affordable, you’ll be able to promote the products and services your business has to offer without forking out large amounts of money.

Available in a number of sizes to suit all budgets, pavement signs have numerous advantages, some of which we’ve highlighted below.

Budget A Boards Can Increase Sales

Research suggests businesses that use pavement signs benefit from increased sales and profitability and, in most cases, the signs will pay for themselves with the increased custom.

All Pavement A Boards Are Built To Last

Manufactured from high-quality materials, pavement A boards are durable and designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Sandbags or weights can be used to combat heavy winds and keep your signage in place no matter what the weather. Little or no maintenance is required.

Introduce Strategic Advertising With Pavement Signs

Think carefully where you place your budget A board. While the obvious spot is right outside your business, a pavement sign can be placed further along the street or across the road to point potential customers in the direction of your shop. It’s also the perfect solution for businesses hidden away or with parking at the rear.

Budget A Boards Are Completely Customisable

Helping you and your business stand out from the crowded budget A boards can be completely customisable. Editable lettering allows users to display a unique message, and what’s great is it can be changed within seconds! Less is more, so keep it simple and straight to the point for the best results.

Use Your A Board Again And Again

Because you can change the design and message within a matter of seconds, you can continue using this form of advertising solution time and time again. Flip open the panels, change your offer, message or design and enjoy increased footfall.

An Affordable And Effective Marketing Tool

Unlike other forms of advertising, a budget A board requires a one-off payment with no additional costs. Once paid for you’ll be able to promote special offers, sales and more for years to come making it the perfect long-term investment for your business.

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