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Are Business Cards still relevant in 2017?

19 September 2017

We’re going to answer this one straight away, with a resounding ‘YES’!

The advent of digital marketing, mobile phones and tablets has not done away with the need to actually meet people face to face and have a conversation with them. And if that conversation goes well, and you want to swap details to keep in touch, you still need some way of doing that without scrambling for pads and pens or typing away into your smartphone.

The idea of networking events and exhibitions is to connect, to engage with people and form relationships with them, not to be constantly poking away at your tablet.

Whatever else we’ve invented since the first business card was passed to a new connection, there’s simply no smoother or easier way to give your details to someone else without interrupting the flow of the conversation.

Business cards are great for branding

Unless you have a company uniform, chances are you’re wearing general business attire that doesn’t reflect your brand at all, but that little square or rectangle that you hand over to your latest business connection can reflect your brand, put over your brand voice and personality, engage curiosity and provide a call to action, without you having to say a word.

Business card design

You’re not going to make a good impression if you hand over a flimsy, poorly designed and obviously printed at home scrap of a business card.

Business cards should be beautifully designed to catch the eye, start a conversation, and provide clear contact information. And with so many options and finishes available today, there’s absolutely no need to have a drab design that doesn’t reflect who you are.

What should your business card say?

You’ll obviously need the basics – name, company name, job title, contact details, website, and physical address if you have one, but business cards can do a lot more than that.

You can’t cram in everything about your business on one small card, but you can include the right information that will make you stand out:

  • Include your company logo, your company colours and the standard fonts you use as part of your brand. By the time your new contact hits your website for more information, you’ll already look familiar to them, with a consistent look that goes from your website across all of your marketing materials. That starts to establish the all-important ‘know’ bit of ‘know, like and trust’.
  • If you’ve space, add in a professional photograph of yourself. It’s a great way to have people remember who you are when they’re looking through a pile of 50 or more cards after an event.
  • What about using a QR code to send your contact straight to a specific landing page, where you can market to them further?

Business cards have got a long way to go yet, and with so many different options and ways to impress your new business contacts, they’ll be around for far longer than just 2017.

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