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Five Classic Flyer Design Mistakes

12 September 2017

Flyers can be an excellent way to drum up business and attract new clients if done right, but, when designing a flyer, there are things to avoid:

Flyer Design: Don’t try to cram everything in!

You only have so much space on a leaflet or a flyer, and less really is more when it comes to effective flyer design.

Yes, you’d love to tell readers everything you can do for them, but a flyer is simply meant to draw people in to find out more, not to provide an essay on your business’s entire history and list of services.

Think about what information will make the most impact on your target audience, and choose a great headline that will catch the eye, then space out your text with bullet points and leave plenty of white space to make it easy to read.

When designing flyers don’t use too many colours and fonts

Just because there are literally millions of fonts and colours available does not mean you have to use them all on one flyer.

Crazy colour schemes and far too many different fonts can look completely unprofessional and put people off even reading what you have to say.

Use complementary colours that fit with your brand, and choose a maximum of 3 colours and fonts per flyer.

Avoid low resolution and irrelevant images

Choosing those blurry snaps you took the other week will not do you any favours on a flyer.

Images must be clear, sharp, and highly attractive, as they are the first thing to draw the eye, sometimes even over the large headline.

Make sure that you also have the rights to use any images for flyers and leaflets, as copyright infringement can get your company into very hot water.

Don’t forget to proof read your flyer content

Terrible spelling and grammar can give a poor impression of your company and cause potential customers to lose interest immediately. Not to mention that it really is best if you don’t miss a digit or two out of your phone number.

Check everything, then check it again. It also good practice to get more than person to check it, getting a second pair of eyes to look over your flyer might bring up mistakes you’ve missed.

Ensure you’ve included all important information

So, that event you’re putting on, is the address on the flyer? What time does it start?

After you’ve proofread for spelling errors, check that you’ve included all the information your customers need to take action.

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