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How to use an A frame banner effectively

13 October 2017

A frame banners are a terrifically mobile promotional device. They are quick to assemble, easy to store and move and can be easily secured in place. They’re terrific for both outdoor branding and some indoor trade shows, exhibitions, conferences and the like, and are durable enough to stand up even to our beloved British climate!

Here are three key points to consider when creating and using your banner:

Match an A frame banner’s durability to its longevity

In most cases, you’ll want to use your investment in A frame banner printing over a substantial period. Therefore, as you design it, be careful not to limit its lifespan by adding unnecessary time constraints. For example, be careful about adding messages that involve specific dates or time periods – ‘ January Sale at Company Name’ has a much longer shelf life that ‘January 2017 sale at Company Name’! Equally, using a tag-line for a specific campaign might shorten its useful life, whereas your general company slogan might have many years of practical and enduring value to offer.

Appreciate how your audience will view you’re A frame banner

Might those who catch sight of your banner only have a second or two to register what it says, for example, if it was placed at the entry to a car park for a local show? On the other hand, your potential audience might be strolling past it with no time worries. As well as time to view, it’s also worth considering the distance from which it is likely to be seen. A banner in an exhibition hall will have an audience walking close to it; in other placements, what is being said will need to be quickly read from many metres away.

Find an angle and position that suits

If you watch golf tournaments on TV, you’ll find increasing use is being made of promotional boards placed in the rough on many holes around the course. You’ll also notice them because they have been carefully angled to be caught by the television cameras! Your A frame message might not be on TV, but the principle of positioning and angling to gain maximum exposure still holds good.

Taking the time to give your use of A frame banners their best chance of success, both through careful design and skilful placement, makes an investment in these terrific long-term promotional devices even more successful. Contact us today at Essex Sign and Print to find out how we can help you.

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