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What is a desktop roller banner?

27 March 2017

When it comes to exhibitions, first impressions are everything. When you’re promoting a particular product or a service, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd with just a pre-built, simple exhibition stand where branding is kept to a minimum. And of course, when it comes to your graphics for your stand it’s important to give the best impression – with correct colours, consistent quality and overall eye-catching displays.

Roller banners: a great solution

One of the best ways to display eye-catching graphics, whether it’s for offers, information or simply additional branding purposes, is by using roller banners. Simple to set up and compact to store, roller banners are used worldwide as the ideal solution for advertising; whether you’re looking to promote a product at shows, keep your branding fresh for roadshows or just add some extra interest to an area in a showroom or office.

So, what actually is a roller banner?

Generally comprised of a cassette, a roll of banner material and several metal or plastic bars, roller banners are low cost with high impact. Graphics of your choice or design are printed onto the PVC or banner material with a large-format or flatbed printer, trimmed down to size and then installed in the cassette. Once your supplier has done all the hard work for you, all it takes to set up your display is a simple pull up and hook system, and you’re ready to go.

For maximum impact, using different sizes of roller banner is a popular option; combine stand-spanning backdrop roller banners with desktop roller banners of soft signage for a multi-layered effect to make sure your branding is as visible and impactful as it can possibly be. For lower-budget exhibitions or small shows, roller banners offer an easy travel solution to signage and information without the installation fees required from a proper stand or can be used in combination with a built stand as a cost-saving addition.

If you’re interested in adding roller banners to your exhibition kit, or simply interested in adding some advertising to your products in-house or on the road, get in contact our friendly, helpful team at Essex Sign & Print on 01277 634 508 – we’d be happy to help with all your print needs.

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