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What is a PVC banner?

12 April 2017

PVC banners are the perfect solution for both your indoor and outdoor signage needs. If you need eye-catching colour advertising, PVC banners offer great value for money.

What is PVC?

PVC is an abbreviation for Polyvinyl Chloride, which is the third most widely produced plastic in the world. Our standard PVC banner is printed at a high resolution that produces great, vibrant colours. It also comes ready-to-hang with strong eyelets, but if you’d prefer other finishings you have options including hook velcro, loop velcro and pole pockets.

What’s the difference between a PVC and vinyl banner?

In short, there’s no difference! It’s just a different name for the same product. If you have come to our website in search of a vinyl banner, be rest assured that our PVC banners are exactly the same thing.

What is GSM and why is it important?

An important thing to consider when you are looking at PVC banners is the GSM, which denotes the weight and quality of the PVC. GSM stands for “grammes per square metre” and a higher number here means stronger, more heavyweight material.

That’s not to say that a higher number is necessarily better, however. Standard PVC banners are 440 GSM compared to the heavy duty banner which is 510 GSM. The standard PVC banner is still great quality and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, but with the added perk of being lighter weight than the heavy duty banner.

What about in windy conditions?

PVC banners are strong and durable, but if you are going to be using your PVC banner in a very windy area, a mesh banner would be ideal. At 340 GSM, it is made of lighter weight material than the other banners, but it’s a special kind of mesh PVC that allows the air to pass through. This makes it extremely hard-wearing in all weathers but particularly in high winds. This kind of banner is ideal for use on railings or scaffolding, for example.

So as you can see, you have many different options to make the perfect banner for your needs.

Why not get in contact with our friendly, helpful team at Essex Sign & Print on 01277 634 508 and let’s discuss exactly how we can help you make an impact with your advertising.

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